Sentry Pointe: December 17, 2016

We decided to do something a bit different this trek. I have lived where I live for over 30 years. Stephanie has lived with me for six of those. In all those years, I haven’t done a lot of walking through the neighborhood. Truth be known, I didn’t even know what neighborhood I actually live in. I always thought, looking at antiquated maps of theĀ 15590425_383481428668816_6196515815357712057_n city that I lived in Hootstown. However, in looking it up and researching, I have figured that I live in a neighborhood called Sentry Pointe. I like that name and I know where Sentry Pointe is, but I don’t know why it extends over to my house. Oh well.

So, with the weather being in the frozen tundra range Saturday morning, we didn’t start our walk until almost 9:45a so we obviously didn’t make the 10k by 10a but that’s just a goal, anyway. Even at that time it was pretty cold. We went southeast on Gyro Dr. and to Old Salisbury Rd. where we turned south. It’s a very narrow bit of ground between the street and the front door/fences/cars of other folks on Old Salisbury. It’s obviously not meant for walking, although there are plenty of people that do. It was a rough and unlevel terrain that we had to traverse and it was wearing on my ankles after a while, even after some stretches.

We walked south until we reached the traffic circle on Ardmore Rd./South Park Blvd. We turned west on Ardmore. More of the same terrain was there. We tried to walk on the actual street as much as possible but it is a well-traveled pair of roads. Luckily, Ardmore has more shoulder space than Old Salisbury. There is also a stretch of Ardmore that has a sidewalk. It’s only about a quarter of a mile. We continue along Ardmore Rd. until we get to Park Terrace Ln. where we turn north. Park Terrace Ln. is a relatively new development, built within the last 20 years. Some of the houses are only around 12 years old. We continued on Park Terrace until it bends west and to Hawkcrest Ln. We took Hawkcrest north until we hit Gyro Dr. south. We took it east and back to where we started. 15622469_383483475335278_8958670415798173052_n

15622043_383482485335377_5080745867573722584_nThis area, the best I can tell, is some of the “youngest” areas of Winston-Salem. I know that when I moved here 30 years ago, it wasn’t actually within the city limits. That didn’t happen until a few years later. Given that, there’s not a whole lot of interesting things to see or really even remark on about this area. In fact, it’s a very boring part of town. It’s quiet and not a lot goes on around here, which is ideal for living, really, but, that’s about it.

There were a few interesting things we did see on the trek. First, were two ducks that Stephanie remarked that they were competing to see which was going to tell us their joke. It was funny. We just called them, “MR Ducks” and continued on. Another thing was this ridiculously large reindeer that was in a wide open patch of land right beside an equally large light tree. I’ve never seen that before. We laughed and moved on.

Between the cold and the fact that both of us needed the facilities plus we were pretty much out of walking real 2016-12-18-18-22-40estate, we stopped at about 7800 steps. So, no we didn’t make the 10,000 goal. But, the day went on and at the end of the day we had 9,275 steps. We walked 4.73 miles and I burned 3,289 calories.

After we walked, we went to our Official Carb Loader, Mary’s Gourmet Diner. From there we went to our brand new coffee sponsor, Twin City Hive. We had a party to get to so we didn’t get to make it to our Official Liquid Reward, Hoots Roller Bar & Beer Company, but I am ready to go grab one of the new “crowlers.” I cannot thank my sponsor, Omega Sports enough for the most comfortable walking shoes I’ve ever had and the Garmin Vivofit3 that keeps track of all my progress. Many thanks to all of my sponsors for everything they do for, and believing in, me.

Do you have a recommendation for a neighborhood for Stephanie and I to walk in or talk about? We’re always looking for new places and new areas. Partly because we could be in the market for a new home in the near future and like to scout the different areas around time. Let me know by sending an email HERE.