Welcoming a New Sponsor Part 1

This past week, in addition to my awesome sponsor, Omega Sports, I had the great honor of having three new sponsors sign up to help me on my way in this whole “walking the town” experience. I’m going to talk about them, but because I believe that they each deserve their own recognition, I’m going to write three different posts about them Printindividually. I just think that’s fair. And, I’m going to write them in order that I’ll actually “use” their sponsorship.

Mary Haglund opened Mary’s Of Course in 2000 off Brookstown Ave. and Marshall St. (currently the home of DiLisio’s Italian Restaurant). She grew with a quirky and fantastic reputation as “the breakfast place” in Winston-Salem. Remember, this was before the real revitalization of downtown happened and this area, what we now call “South of Business 40,” was just outside the city center enough that people didn’t mind going there. It helped that the food was fantastic.

It was breakfast, of course (pun – more on that…), but it wasn’t just plain breakfast and it didn’t taste like anywhere else and it wasn’t what you made at home. Mary had the opportunity to expand in 2010 into a new location in the now revitalized downtown area, on North Trade Street. It was called Breakfast Of Course, Mary’s Too. For whatever reason, that is not mine to speculate, the original location closed and Breakfast Of Course eventually became Mary’s Gourmet Diner.

If we put the food aside for a minute (and really why would you want to?), and concentrate on Mary and her family, you’ll find a lot of care and love for her employees, her community, her fellow man. That isn’t meant to be cheesy, it’s just the way that it is. She’s the main-most-woman behind Mary’s Mavens, a group of women business owners that band together for community, empowerment and just because those women are awesome for this city and what it’s culturally becoming: all-encompassing and all-inclusive.

Mary believes in supporting local businesses and local personalities that strive to and actually do good work for this city and what it stands for. It would be conceited of me to say that I’m either of those, but I’m glad she thinks enough of me for those reasons. She would give you the shirt off her back if you really needed it and she does just that, metaphorically, of course, most every day. She was instrumental in the “Mike’s Week” that was done for Skippy’s Hot Dog’s owner, Mike Rothman in April.

Stephanie and I have found ourselves starting our walking days at Mary’s Gourmet Diner because we know that we’re going to get great food and it is so filling that we will get through our long walking day with plenty of fuel. So, instead of our official breakfast place, we’re going to call her our “Official Carb Loader” because that is exactly how we need to get our bodies nourished and on the trek.

And, I would be remiss if I didn’t at least note that Mary’s Gourmet Diner (when it was still Breakfast of Course) was instrumental in Stephanie’s and my relationship. It did play a big part in my winning her heart.

We thank you so much Mary Haglund for being there for us and the community. You can find Mary’s Gourmet Diner at 723 North Trade Street in Winston-Salem and you can visit their website HERE.