April 4, 2016: National Walking Day 2016

While I’m still trying to get this whole walking endeavor in its own routine, I want to let you know, if you didn’t already know, that today is National Walking Day, promoted by the American Heart Association.


Let’s review why this is important to me. One, I’m doing this walking blog, right? I need to set an example and if it’s a “national observance” that has to do with the subject of my blog, then I need to observe.

Two, I’m a large guy. I hover around 300 lbs, even crossing that number for the first time a couple of months ago at the doctor’s office and that bothers me. Anyone who knew me as a kid knew I was a very skinny and small, but tall, kid. I let go, I guess (I have theories on that). I’m not a body builder so that weight isn’t good for me.

Three, I had (coming up on the anniversary) triple bypass heart surgery at the age of 41. I never had an actual heart attack, somehow. But, gave myself a few opportunities, in of all places, my favorite place on earth, Walt Disney World, and on my wife’s birthday and the weekend of my (better late than never) college graduation. 99% blockage (probably 100%) in one artery, the “widow maker” was 95% blocked and a third was 75% blocked. I don’t know how I didn’t have a heart attack, but I didn’t. My heart actually passes the squeeze test pretty well.

So for these reasons, I’m participating in National Walking Day. Wednesdays are my busiest day of the week so I will only get to do the 30 minute recommendation, but I believe that’s the point of the observation: we’re sitting more, becoming more sedentary, and using the excuse of being “busy.” Well, your heart doesn’t care how “busy” you are, it needs to be busy and that’s only going to happen by being more active. I hate the word “exercise” because I envision doing tae bo or long sessions on an elliptical machine (which I really don’t mind) or the people who I see on the street corners running in place waiting for the light to change and with the most horrible grimaces on their faces because I know that all that running, to me, would be very uncomfortable (and awful). I have never liked, or understood the appeal of, running. I know I get enthralled in my work (all aspects of them) and it’s important for me to get out and keep myself alive.

I hope that you get out there and do at least 30 minutes of walking today. If you can only fit it in 10 minutes at a time, then do yourself a favor and do it. Your heart is what keeps you going, so, keep it going! Load up that mp3 player and enjoy your walk!

Get to steppin’!